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Our partners

In order to set up these social actions for maternal and child nutrition, we are in contact with several active partners in the early childhood sector and the associative world. These different partners allow us to diversify our skills and to have support at the strategic and organizational level.

In line with the Sustainable Development Goals, we believe that the partnership model is essential to achieving common goals and social progress. Do you have goals similar to ours?

Does your structure wish to act in the field of infant and maternal nutrition?


Do not hesitate to contact us to become our new partner!

Our key partner


A company specializing in infant nutrition and food, Le Lionceau produces and markets infant purées and flours that use local products with high nutritional value. As a social enterprise strongly committed to child nutrition,

Le Lionceau is our first financial partner. The company also provided strategic support during pilot actions and product sponsorship for complementary food donations.

Other strategic partners

Other sponsors

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