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Our Actions

Created in 2019, our association has already implemented several pilot actions in favor of better maternal and child nutrition during the first 1000 days.

Informative videos in local language for the first 1000 days

Importance of breastfeeding and benefits for mother and child

Tips for food diversification and the introduction of new foods 

First 1000 Days Workshops and Trainings

Various fun and interactive workshops and training sessions were conducted within the "institut académique de Bébés", various nurseries and companies to raise awareness on the 1000 Days approach and the importance of good nutrition during pregnancy, breastfeeding and food diversification

Culinary workshops with the promotion of nutritious local products

In order to promote the use of local products with high nutritional value in the meals of young children, various culinary workshops were conducted with Senegalese mothers with the presentation and implementation of balanced recipes for children aged 6 months, 8 months and 1 year.

Animation of focus groups at the community level

To reach more vulnerable targets, a community intervention was organized in the outlying district of Niakoul Rab in partnership with Madiba expertise, IAB and Le Lionceau. Thus, 290 pregnant and breastfeeding women, young girls and mothers-in-law were made aware of the issues of the first 1000 days during focus groups led by IAB students, selected and trained upstream.

Complementary food donations

During our community intervention and as part of a collaboration with the school of Ale, an associative crèche Welcoming children from precarious families, donations of complementary foods were made to more than 250 women and young children in order to give them access to a balanced diet that promotes local and nutritious resources. 

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