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Our vision

In Senegal, inadequate nutrition of mothers during pregnancy and young children still leads to 

chronic malnutrition and stunting in young children. Iron and vitamin A deficiencies in mothers and young children are also common, affecting the healthy development and long-term health of children. There is therefore a need to improve parents' knowledge of their child's nutrition so that they become actors in their nutrition.

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The first 1000 days: a window of opportunity

From conception of the fetus until the child is 2 years old, the first 1000 days are recognized by the scientific community at the international level as a key period for nutritional intervention. Indeed, in addition to being a very important period for growth and development, this period can also condition long-term health and the future development of chronic diseases.

Our project is therefore to focus on the 1000 days while remaining in line with sustainable development goals.

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